Friday, May 3, 2013

Assessing the Bird House for Property Tax

The Power of Poets

Ancient poets were mighty with their verse.
A house infested called the scribe to come
and rhyme away all rats, the nation’s curse.

Rats just had to hear the pen traverse
the lines of metaphor on soft vellum
and fear the poet who’d slay them with his verse.

Before the ink was dry, rodents or worse
were gone, young and old banished from that home
by rhymes too powerful for them to curse.

Times have come again for poets to coerce
those vermin who have cost this land some
pain, to show us all the power of their verse.

Bring those to shame who bled the fiscal purse
with biros blazing reverse this bleak outcome,
write lines too powerful for them to curse.

Rise up slammers, rhymers, long or terse,
become what you always wanted to become.
Ancient poets had power with their verse
now rhyme away these rats, the nation’s curse.

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