Sunday, June 11, 2017

Stellar Review of Gold

Gold (Little Island Books, 9781910411551) received a STARRED review in the April 15, 2017 issue of Kirkus Reviews (circ. 10,000). The review was posted on Kirkus Online on March 29, 2017. The reviewer says “The twins’ quick-paced, action-packed journey will sweep readers right along with them.” The complete review follows:

Twin boys, Starn and Esper, live in Orchard Territory, a grim place where most animals, insects, and plants have died, suffocated under ash from a catastrophic series of volcanic eruptions. The white boys’ mother and sister have died of a new illness, and their father has become one of the workers that painstakingly pollinate trees by hand. The new world is run by the crude, small-minded Sagittars, everything strictly controlled and enforced with harsh punishment. On a dare, Starn opens their sister’s sealed room and finds a book handwritten by their great-aunt telling of gold on one of the islands all citizens are forbidden to visit. Starn’s obsession with flying spurs him to design and build a glider in secret so that he and his brother can capture the treasure and return to liberate their father from his relentless work. After some close calls of discovery, the boys set off on their adventure. Mills perfectly contrasts the two halves of the story, using a vocabulary unique to Orchard to describe that world and completely new ways for the boys to describe the islands’ vivid, unfamiliar flora. Heavy concerns—bad government, environmental challenges—are compassionately woven into a story with Mills’ poetic lyricism showing through. Also of note is Lauren O’Neill’s gorgeous cover illustration. The twins’ quick-paced, action-packed journey will sweep readers right along with them.


Gold was also recommended in the May 15, 2017 Summer Reading Issue of Kirkus Reviews (circ. 10,000). A portion of the book cover was also included on the cover of the issue. See attached.


5/1/17, School Library Journal (circ. 26,747)

May/June 2017 BEA + ALA issue, Foreword Reviews (circ. 10,000)

6/8/17, Foreword Reviews Online (34,413 uvpm) Book of the Day


School Library Journal

Twin brothers Esper and Starn long for a world devoid of darkness and ash after massive volcanic explosions leave their world in ruins. The government, policed by the authoritarian Sagittars, is harsh and cruel. The boys’ father works at the Orchard, where he helps pollinate fruit trees. One day, Esper dares Starn to break into the “forbidden room” in their apartment, an area that has been off-limits since their mother and sister died. They discover a hidden map left by their great-aunt, which describes a path to islands with gold that can help save their dying world. With courage and bravado, the brothers construct a hand glider and set out across the ashen horizon toward the forbidden islands. Strong world-building and thought-provoking themes make this ideal for tweens looking for dystopian tales. VERDICT Though not as dark and disturbing as more YA dystopian offerings, this postapocalyptic tale nevertheless keeps the adventure thrilling and will enchant fans of both fantasy and fantastic sci-fi.–H. Islam, Brooklyn Public Library