Sunday, June 7, 2015

Poet to Poet at Kinvara

What a lovely night we spent in Lisa and Russ Taylor’s hideaway in Kinvara last month, where a whole host of writers gathered to read their work and share some food and wine. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate Lisa’s recent win in the New Works Short Fiction competition sponsored by Hugo House, in Seattle. The criteria for the competition demanded that the story happen in one hour and there was a 1,000 word limit.The final judge was award-winning writer Joan Leegant who is presently writer-in-residence at Hugo House. As soon as Lisa returned to the US she was heading straight to Seattle to accept her prize. Here is a tiny taste of that winning story titled ‘Mosaic’. 

Kent catches me when I fall and we hold each other with a kind of urgency that feels both familiar and unfamiliar.  I once had a dream about being held tight enough to blur the lines between where my body ended and his began.